Wind doesn't have many weaknesses besides having direct attacks which are hard to put together to form a combination and low [X] damage, but compensates with it's [Q]'s longer travel distance, large knockback effect, a quick cast time with it's [Q] and [R], and a massive fling effect with [X].


Wind casting circle

The consumption values listed are the base amount. To calculate the amount consumed, it is the base consumption multiplied by the player's tier level with the move. To check tiers, scroll past the Moves section.

Attack Names Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement Gifs
Gale Force The user launches strong wind towards the target at high speed which will knock back players/NPCs upon contact. [Q] Magic Level Level 1+ WindGaleForce
Wind's Wrath The user flings the enemy into the air and summons a whirlwind, inflicting damage, pushing them in the air, and knocking them out. [E] Strength Level 8+ WindsWrath
Gale Cyclone The user summons a tornado around them, dealing damage to anyone nearby while knocking them in the opposite direction they are going. [R] Magic Level Level 25+ GaleCyclone
Gale Volley The user punches the enemy away and launches a barrage of wind in the form of punches, pushing them forward and knocking them out. [F] Strength Level 50+ WindGaleVolley
Gale Wall The user forms a wall of wind, blocking anything that comes from the front. It eventually breaks after withstanding a certain amount of hits. [Z] Magic Level Level 54+ WindGaleWall


The user charges up and summons forth a tornado, dealing impact damage and flinging anyone in the vicinity away. Repeating damage is dealt to anyone still in the tornado's presence, although the tornado dissipates quickly after colliding with an object or player. When the attack hits a body of water, it will turn into a whirlpool, and disappear after 10 seconds. [X] Level 100+ RavagingWinds2


Tiers are solely based on the player's stat level and if Wind is the player's Second Mind Magic, all tier levels will be bumped up by 99 Magic/Strength/Generic Levels.

The only exception is if Wind is also the player's First Magic, in which case the Second Magic Wind will have every move unlocked instantly and identical tier levels as the first.

[Q] Gale Force Tier Levels
Tier 1: 1-60 Magic Level
Tier 2: 61-120 Magic Level
Tier 3: 121-240 Magic Level
Tier 4: 241-360 Magic Level
Tier 5: 361+ Magic Level
[E] Wind's Wrath Tier Levels
Tier 1: 8-67 Strength Level
Tier 2: 68-127 Strength Level
Tier 3: 128-247 Strength Level
Tier 4: 248-367 Strength Level
Tier 5: 368+ Strength Level
[R] Gale Cyclone Tier Levels
Tier 1: 25-85 Magic Level
Tier 2: 86-144 Magic Level
Tier 3: 145-264 Magic Level
Tier 4: 265-384 Magic Level
Tier 5: 385+ Magic Level
[F] Gale Volley Tier Levels
Tier 1: 50-109 Strength Level
Tier 2: 110-169 Strength Level
Tier 3: 170-289 Strength Level
Tier 4: 290-409 Strength Level
Tier 5: 410+ Strength Level
[Z] Gale Wall Tier Levels
Tier 1: 54-113 Magic Level
Tier 2: 114-173 Magic Level
Tier 3: 174-293 Magic Level
Tier 4: 294-413 Magic Level
Tier 5: 414+ Magic Level
[X] Ravaging Winds Tier Levels
Tier 1: Level 100-160
Tier 2: Level 161-220
Tier 3: Level 221-340
Tier 4: Level 341-460
Tier 5: Level 461+


  1. With Ravaging Winds' ability to make whirlpools, it is possible to trap players inside of them, albeit not usually lasting long enough to drown players, the user could pelt the trapped player(s) in the midst of it.
  2. Most of Wind's attacks can be used from a distance, so those who use it competitively should take advantage of wind's range.
    • After using a wind magic that pushes the enemy away such as Gale Volley or Ravaging Winds, the user is able to initiate strategies, flee or attack during the KO.
  3. Wind users are able to stand from a safe place and use Gale Force on the Kraken without getting attacked.
  4. Wind's ultimate, Ravaging Winds, is useful for getting away. Hit a player in mid-air or a high place with it, and they would go flying, allowing you time to escape.
  5. Due to Roblox's physics, ravaging winds causes any sailboats and gunboats that it hits to quickly rotate 180 degrees and back to it's original place in a split second that can potentially knock players off their ship if they aren't stationed at a cannon or steering wheel.


  • Wind is the fourth magic added to Arcane Adventures.
  • Originally, the move Gale Cyclone was named Tornado Shell.
  • Ravaging winds sometimes glitches pirate ships and causes them to explode. Although it was stated in the update 4.0 patch notes that this bug was fixed, you can still see ships exploding.
  • If you used Gale Volley underwater,it will give you a windy hand (though it does nothing but looks really cool).
  • Before the update 3.6 wind's moves are all transparent like the Gale Cyclone,the appearance is different compared to version 3.7's Gale Cyclone.
  • Gale force's tier 5 sound changed into a different sound on v 3.8 of arcane adventures.

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