Whiteridge Island

Whiteridge is an island located north of Sunrise Ravine. The mayor of Whiteridge is located in front of the topmost building on the island. A piece of skyshore can be found next an NPC; Jonathon, who had harvested it during his vacation to Stratus Town a month back.

Associated Quests

Conquer the Highland Bandits

  • Quest Giver: Mayor Evan
  • Objective: Defeat 20 Highland Bandits
  • Rewards: 100,000 lamina and 30,000 exp


  • The music played on Whiteridge is called "Windfall Island" from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • One major part of Whiteridge has been made by AvatarJames with the model called "The Roost".
  • Whiteride Gives 8 infamy per 5 minutes, Whiteridge heights gives 1 Clan Infamy per 5 minutes.