An extremely new variation of the Flintlock, this rare weapon came straight from Mainland's merchant district.

Item Description

The Wheellock is a ranged weapon, which like most other guns, the bullet travels instantaneously with some inaccuracy in aim. The Wheellock however has a relatively small cooldown afterwards compared to other guns.


[Click]: Single bullet shot with slight inaccuracy and 3 seconds of cooldown afterwards. Bullet has no area of effect.

Like other guns, the damage is not affected by either Strength or Magic Level/Damage is fixed and varies depending on which area you hit the target in; headshot being 600 damage, torso being 450 damage, and other appendages being 300 damage.


  • The Wheellock could be used as a quick punish against people using attacks with a long end lag such as Colossal Flying Slash and Radius Stomp.
  • The "bullet pathing" that represents the bullet is considered to be part of the user's hitbox, meaning damage aimed at the pathing will inflict damage on the user. This is most prevalent against Ramses II's Iron Sand Wall.
  • The damage dealt by the Wheellock is identical to the Flintlock.


  • The Wheellock adds 2,500 power level.