Weapons are classified by their ability to be equipped in one of the three weapon slots in the player's inventory. Some weapons are designed for long-ranged attacks, while others deal high damage in close-quarter combat or serve a utility tool in a player's arsenal. Aside from weapons, there are magic and fighting styles that are used as a source of damage. 

Magic Weapons

Weapons in this section can conduct magic energy, which allows the weapon user to harm sea curse users. Since these weapons conduct magic, damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Damage along with Strength Level for swingable weapons as long as the user has sufficient amount of magic energy. Magic weapons are composed of a type of material known as Arcanium, which allows them to conduct magic through them. These are the Tier I or Arcanium magic weapons. If the weapon is used for long enough, the sea salt within the Arcanium alloy will begin to conduct only that magic, resulting in a Tier II or Singularity Magic Weapon.

Melee Weapons

Weapons in this section all have the ability to be swung to deal damage in close combat, some also having secondary abilities that makes the weapon more versatile in combat, though most cannot harm sea curse users. These types of weapon only drain stamina and only factors Strength Level into damage calculation.

Ranged Weapons

Weapons in this section all fire a type of projectile as the primary damage source, though some have abilities too. These weapons do not factor any stat for damage calculation besides the bows; which uses Strength Level. These types of weapons cannot damage sea curse users.


Though not used as weapons, they can be equipped into a weapon slot and are used to block physical attacks or stalling in the air. Shields use the [G] key to block and does not need to be selected in the hot bar to be used.

Legendary Weapons

These are obtained in Legendary Chests that are found through solving a riddle in a Legendary Chart. Not all the weapons follow a single stat for damage calculation; varies between each weapons. Legendary weapons are said to have been used for so long that the Arcanium alloy has been modified in extensive ways. It begins conforming so much to its original element that it can no longer change, and begins producing massive amounts of energy. These are Tier III or Exalted Magic Weapons.

Black Magic Weapons

These weapons are only obtainable from Black Magic Chests, which can be opened with Chest Keys.


These "weapons" can be equipped in the weapon slots, but aren't categorized within a specific section.

Removed Weapons

These weapons were once in the game, but were removed to varying reasons.

Doom Island Weapons

All weapons here can be bought from Doom Island.

Savaria Weapons

All weapons here can be bought from Savaria.


  • When v3.7 was first released, all of the Doomwood weapons in the shop were shown to be Deluxe Katanas.

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