Vetex is the creator of Arcane Adventures and other games in the Arcane Trilogy.

Vetex owns multiple social media accounts, such as a registered youtube channel under the name "Vetex", a twitter account under the name "Vetex" (@vetexg) and a twitch channel under the name "VetexG".

He had started making games in his group called "Nova Games Community" which is now mostly unused. However, to stay updated with his progress, he has a Discord server along with a subreddit for Arcane Adventures. Vetex also has a group on roblox which can be found here.

In Arcane Adventures, Vetex has a custom magic named 'Aether Lightning', and has the title "Developer".

Vetex's current Roblox username is "vetexgames".


  • In the non-canon lore, Vetex is the only person in Arcane world to had combined 2 different magics.
  • While describing Aether-Lightning magic, Vetex has shared some difficulties he faces while wielding Aether Lightning (in lore). More can be read about it here.
  • Vetex has had more than 19 past usernames (VetexCards, VetexGames, ForceFormat, VetexGames, ForceFormat, InferiorBeing, ForceFormat, VetexGames, EXPLOBOTMEGA, VetexGames, VetexSpooks, VetexGames, Vetex_Games, VetexGames, AetherLightning, Ryan_S, VetexGames, VetexR, VetexGames, vetexgames).
  • Vetex's in game power level is 87,945.
  • ExplodingOveralls is Vetex's brother.
  • techlevel80 is the Co-Owner.
  • Vetex's previous title was "Lightning Emperor"