VetexR , also known as Vetex or Vet is the creator of Arcane Adventures and other games in the Arcane Trilogy.

Vetex owns multiple social media accounts, such as a registered youtube channel under the name " Vetex ", a twitter account under the name " VetexG " and a twitch channel under the name ' VetexGamesRoblox .'

He had started making games in his group called ' Nova Games Community ' which is now mostly unused. However, to stay updated with his progress, he has made a trello board for Arcane Adventures development and owns a Nova Community Discord server along with a subreddit for Arcane Adventures. Vetex has over 145 friends on roblox which includes most of the in-game admins and few other popular game creators.

In Arcane Adventures, Vetex had a custom magic named 'Aether Lightning', and has the title 'Lightning Emperor'.

In the non-canon lore, Vetex is the only person in Arcane world who has combined 2 different magics.

While describing Aether-Lightning magic, Vetex has shared some difficulties he faces while wielding Aether-Lightning. More can be read about it here.

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