A wilderness sky island, Verdies' ship, filled with magma after it's recent scuffle with Trigno has crashed landed here, sky grapes exlusive to this island can be found dropping from the sky trees, three treasure chest can be seen.


This island was once a normal wilderness sky island, until Verdies' ship, filled with magma due to Trigno's Magma Curse, was later whisked away by a large tornado caused by Argestes of the A.G, crash-landing on the cloud island in the sky. Filled with rage, Verdies killed some of his crew members and left to a large ring-shaped sky island. This Island, apart from the large sunken ship with magma that deals 500 damage on contact.

Associated Quests


Talk to this pirate to obtain the Raging Captain quest.

The Raging Captain

  • Quest Giver: A Plasma Pirate whose right arm was engulfed by lava.
  • Objective: Defeat Verdies on the ring-shaped island in the sky. 
  • Rewards: 40,000 Lamina, 1,500 EXP