The user uses this passive ability to redirect or reflect. Any oncoming vector coming towards the field that protects his entire body. 

It is the default and the most basic use of the user's power. Able to redirect/reflect all projectile based attacks (that aren't ray casts) such as Fireballs or Cannon Balls. This also applies to melee weapons, as they would clash with the field.


Attack Names

Attack Explanations Keybind Gifs (if any)
Vector Thrust The user manipulates the vectors of the air directly in front of themselves and forces it away at high speeds. Effectively creating a shockwave that travels forward from the direction cast, pushing people and projectiles away. [Q]
Vector Thrust
Toggle Vector Field As the name implies, the user is able to turn his protective field on or off at his own choosing, this also causes Vector Thrust to shoot in the opposite direction the user is facing. [Z] N/A


  • This curse is also called the "Inertia" Curse
  • This curse once belonged to Tensaman. However, it is now used by Xxael.