Trigno is a Magma Curse user and the captain of the Mantle Pirates. Due to his curse, he is able to phase his body into magma, essentially making him invulnerable to swords, bullets, and cannonballs. Wielding the Magma Curse, this allows him the ability control magma.

His NPC can be found at Savaria, aboard a damaged version of the Rumbling Caldera, stationed by the shore. Here, you are able to talk to Trigno about his curse and why he's at Savaria.

Trigno's Boss Fight

For information on Trigno's boss fight, go to the boss tab.


According to the in-game book, Trigno used to be a crew member of the One Shot Pirates, before the clan became extremely rich and powerful. They were searching for Sea Curses, as the captain was a collector. Trigno attempted to obtain a Sea Curse for himself, but was thrown overboard when it seemed he had failed.

Left to rot on an abandoned island, it turns out he successfully obtained the curse, and managed to form an obsidian path on the water to travel. He then lived a few years in solitude before commanding his own ship, the Rumbling Caldera, with very powerful crew members, and Romulus serving as his vice-captain.

Fight with Verdies

Trigno states he and his crew have stayed at Savaria to repair their ship, which has been penetrated by a plasma cannonball. This was caused by Verdies' crew; Trigno recalls that he was able to melt all incoming cannonballs except for one, which hit his ship. He then flooded the opposing ship with magma.

Boss Fight

Once boarding the randomly appearing Rumbling Caldera, players are able to fight Trigno. Because of his curse, melee weapons do not harm him forcing the player to attack him with magic. Magic Cannonballs from Cannon Fist also do damage to Trigno.

Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage

Additional Effects

Magma Beast This is the move where Trigno launches a large dragon head at you. This is Trigno's most common move. 2750

Inflicts Burn Status

Water turns into obsidian on contact.

Magma Sea Trigno self destructs (Does not damage himself) 4500

Inflicts Burn Status

Only happens when near Trigno.

Associated Quests

End Trigno the Volcano

  • Quest Giver: A girl on Canopy Island
  • Objective: Defeat Trigno the Volcano out on the seas.
  • Rewards: 50,000 Lamina, 5000 Experience Points



  • Trigno's theme music is called "Dark Souls - Knight And Executioner (Ornstein and Smough Remix) ".
  • Trigno's infamous Legendary Ship "The Rumbing Caldera", is named after a volcanic feature formed only when a volcano collapses into itself called a caldera.
  • If one played Online Fighting before it went under review, one could find Trigno (still stranded) on a small desert island, this is the island spoken of in his book.  The name of the island is Sand Dune Island according to him and it is categorized as a wilderness island.

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