A top hat with a (colored) band around it.

Item Description

The Color-Banded Top Hats have many variations in color and is obtained the same way as many other common-rare items.

As a vanity, it is worn on top of the player's head, usually having the player's hair poke through the mesh of the hat. Players can also simply hide their hair.

The top of Nicholas, the traveling banker.

Item Description

Despite being named Nicholas' Top Hat, it is obtained the same way as most other items between the rarity of common-rare.

As a vanity, it looks like a color-banded top hat, except it has a red band and the hat has a slighter darker black shade.

Happy Hanukkah +S.I.

Item Description

Hanukkah Top Hats are seasonal items that could only be gotten during the Christmas 2016 event, which featured Hanukkah and other Christmas-themed items.

As a vanity, the striped bands are blue and white with a ribbon holding a candelabra.


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