• I have Light as my first mind magic, and I'm thinking of choosing Fire or Lightning for my second mind. Although I may go for Fire, due to my liking of burning people alive, (for whatever reason of my sanity) I'd like to know comparisons between the two. (DPS? Strategies? Combos?) Thanks.

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      I hope these would help, now it's time for my opinion.

      Fire is known for its very fast speed, decent damage, and DoT.

      Lightning is known for its instantaneous and op DoT plus its damage multiplier when your targets are soaked.

      However, Fire can't work underwater and is in a very steep disadvantage when it rains while Lightning can't go through water, uses a lot of magic, and has noticeable lag time. 

      It's best to choose Lightning if it comes to close and medium quarters, choose Fire if your targets decide to run away during mid-fight because the DoT is really good as you mow em' down as they flee.

      Personally, as a Shadow and Fire user, I have not yet mastered Fire but it's good if you wish to stack burn time and go on all strength.

      Both of them are really good but it just really depends on your playing style, do you go close, stun and burst? Do you distance yourself and snipe? Try asking others for their opinion and find out what your style is because I kinda regret choosing Fire, I should have choose Light or Lightning...

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    • I think another good combo is wind and lightning because wind has great knockback and lightning has great range, but that is just me. Ill allow people to hate on me for this reply if its stupid.

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    • Lightning is op if your high lv cuz of dmg you can literally kill a max level if ur skilled enough to dodge the attacks using only Q. To torture/get bounty from low levels use your ults or Q if you want short work

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    • yeah although i dont have it, lightning is OP

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