A sword that was once used by the original owner of the Promethean Flame Curse. Its blade pulses with white fire.

Item Description

This legendary weapon is a strong sword that deals high damage from each attack dealing devastating damage.


Attacks Attack Explanations Consumptions GIFs
Q The user waves their sword with one hand, and 3 white-hot fireballs spread from the blade in front of the player. It has medium sized AoE and strong damage, lighting nearby objects on white-fire. Drains 1000 Magic Energy on usage and a cooldown of 30 seconds. This deals 700-750+ damage, at nearly or maximum stats. 1000
E The user swings the sword, releasing a slash of fire that explodes, doing heavy damage to anyone in the vicinity, inflicting the status effects; Phoenix Burn, Old Pheonix burn, Sun Burn, Burn, Inferno Burn, and Plasma Burn. This deals 710 - 765+ damage, at nearly or maximum stats, with the added effect of DoT. 1500


  • If you clash with another player with this weapon, a white cross will appear instead of a red one.
  • The Sword of Morock's Fire is the first legendary weapon to be leaked and obtainable between v3 to v3.4.
  • The Sword of Morock's Fire is a recolored version of the Sword of Light with a White Flame effect added on
  • The Sword of Morock's Fire was brought back in Arcane Adventures' Grand Reopening Update.