An agile, one-handed sword filled with the spirit of Doom Island. It said that only the true protector of the village can wield it. Press Q to use it's special attack.

Item Description



When you arrive at Doom Island, you will find a blacksmith. If you talk to him, he will sell weapons specific to Doom Island such as Doomwood Dagger and Doomwood Shield etc. This weapon was added in V3.8.

The sword was one of the weapons that was fixed as of V4. The sword itself is a falchion and it does good damage depending on your strength level.

It is a powerful weapon which is almost identical to the Deluxe Cutlass, with a lower cooldown on its ability and higher damage all around. Due to this, it was put as a level 90+ weapon.


[Left Click]: Does a basic slash combo.

[Q] (Doom's Judgement): A variation of the Flying Slash from the Deluxe Cutlass, the user sends a black colored Flying Slash with leaves emanating from it, has shorter cooldown period compared to the Deluxe Cutlass, making this the smarter choice. However, it takes massive amount of stamina to use, more so than the Q abilities of the Colossal Cutlass and Deluxe Cutlass. To use it's Q move, you must be Strength level 95+.  


  • The Sword of Doom's Wrath, being a Flying Slash-type weapon, will synergize very well with jump attacks or simply a high jump.
  • It seems to have a noticeably longer range than the Q ability of the Deluxe Cutlass.