The Sea's Torment is located near Alalea and can be recognized by the steam it gives out, a Ketch, named The Turntail Sparrow, is stationed right next to it. Landon, the Ketch's owner, will explain that two pirates, Trigno, The Volcano and Captain Rupin had recently fought here, water still evaporates even after their fight and players can actually see the water boiling, though doesn't actually inflict any damage when touched. Two round obsidian plates are in the center of all the steam. Large flames can also be seen, though you won't take any damage even if you sail right through them. Deep underwater, 30 treasure chests, exactly twice as much as the ones at the Stairway to Heaven, are scattered around the seabed which are known as Rupin's Treasure. Buying potions at Cerulea would be useful, as you would drown without a water-breathing potion. It gets harder to see near the bottom, so shark-eyes potions would also be handy.