Sunrise Ravine is supposedly cursed and players won't be able to use their ultimate attacks here.

After completing Theos' quest in Alalea the player will be asked by Theos to meet him at this island.

This island is made up of many smaller islands connected together by small bridges. It is also surrounded by various tall rock formations with trees growing on top of them.

Sunrise lagoon

To reach this place, the player must head east from Redwood island. A maze is located on the island, through which the player must traverse to meet Theos, who is laying on his back near the edge of a cliff. During both night and day the entrance to the maze will be blocked off with some sort of "magical ice" which is unmeltable by any magical or physical attacks. The maze can only be accessed again during sunrise when the ice has melted, hence the name 'Sunrise Ravine'.

When the player talks to Theos, he will share the tale of his past, the reasons for his hatred towards Durza, and how his ship crashed near Newground Island. Theos also shares with the player that he is at the end of his magic-prolonged life span, and won't live for much longer. At the end of the conversation, the player will receive the Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix, which is a very strong level 220 accessory.


  • Before update v3.6, Sunrise Ravine used to be named "Sunrise Lagoon" and consisted of the larger island in the center of the rock formations.
  • The music played here is called "Demon's Souls - Abandoned By God", a remix of Maiden Astraea.