This island was once a normal wilderness island, but soon Verdies' ship, filled with magma due to Trigno's Magma Curse , was whisked away by a large tornado caused by Argestes of the A.G , landing on the cloud island in the sky. Filled with rage, Verdies killed some of his crew members and left to a large ring-shaped cloud island. This Island, apart from the large sunken ship with magma that does 500 damage on contact, it also is the only island with sky grapes, a golden variety of normal grapes. There are also 3 treasure chests to be found on this island. 

Associated Quests


Talk to this pirate to obtain the Raging Captain quest.

The Raging Captain

  • Quest Giver: A Plasma Pirate whose right arm was engulfed by lava.
  • Objective: Defeat Verdies on the ring-shaped island in the sky. 
  • Rewards: 40,000 Lamina, 1,500 EXP

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