Stats, short for statistics, are an important gameplay mechanic in Arcane Adventures, they determine attributes such as Stamina and Magic Energy.



Stats determine how strong the player is at a particular attribute, what kinds of weapons or armor the player can equip and in some cases, weapon abilities they can use. Stats can be increased by two ways:

Training: Training stats unlock higher tiers of magic moves, unlock weapon skills, and deal more damage with the attack's respective damage type. It also increases the pool of energy for that stat, which enables you to train even further

Equipping Items: Equipping armor and accessories can increase Magic Damage, Defense, and sometimes both at once. These stats stay the same as long as the item is equipped.


Health: Determines the maximum amount of Health the player can have, this stat represents the survivability of the player, it depletes when the player takes damage and restores gradually or can be instantly restored by using potions. It can increased by equipping armor or by levelling up.

Level: Determines the player's level, this stat increases the amount of Health the player has and whether the player may PvP. It can be increased by training, from quests or from defeating mobs.

Magic Energy: Determines the maximum amount of Magic Energy the player can have and how much more damage they can do using Magic-based attacks. Magic Energy drains when using Magic-based attacks and can be restored by "charging". It can be increased by using Magic-based attacks.

Stamina: Determines the maximum amount of Stamina the player can have, and how much more damage they can do using physical attacks.



  • Before v3.6, stat points were granted every level up and players could invest those points into either Magic Power, Strength, or Defense.
  • As of v3.6, the Defense stat was changed so that it can only be raised with armor, and Magic Levels and Strength Levels were changed to instead be increased through directly training them. With the level cap raised to 1000, it is currently possible to have 2000 Magic and Strength levels.