All users on this page have special permissions to maintain a safe and welcoming environment this wiki. These users will be demoted with or without any notice if they fail to fulfil their tasks or if there are more qualified candidates for this position or if they are inactive.

Admins & Bureaucrat

  • The Admins and the Bureaucrats are responsible for ensuring that the wiki functions smoothly. They have all the responsibilities and abilities that mods possess and a few extras. They can also edit wikia CSS and JSS as required.
Wikia Username Roblox Username Position(s) Edit count Time zone
Rash20000 Rash20000 Bureaucrat 4,349 UTC +05:30
RagingAce RagingAce Bureaucrat 4,016 UTC -07:00
The Fedz lowlyZeus20 Admin 1,953 UTC +08:00
Joshua040810 Joshua040810 Admin 2,036 UTC +08:00


  • Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate the pages. These tools are primarily used for protecting wiki pages from vandals. 
  • Discussion Moderators are users who keep watch over activities on forum threads. They are given the ability to delete, edit, highlight threads, and lock threads.
  • Chat Moderators are users who primarily watch over the Discord channel and enforce the rules there. They are given the ability to kick and ban users from the channel.
Wikia Username Roblox Username Position(s) Edit Count Time zone
Voltixx Connor518hero Content Moderator 1,544 UTC -5:00
WARMgiannes WARMgiannes Chat Moderator 48 UTC +2:00

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