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An extremely large club with iron spikes fit into it. Crafted on Doom Island, this weapon can prove deadly in battle.

Item Description

This weapon is an island exclusive weapon, only purchasable from Doom Island's blacksmith, Thomas. It's suitable for high levelled players and, when used efficiently, can be a powerful melee weapon. It is the Doom Island equivalent of the Deluxe Broadsword (check the Weapons page for more detail regarding island-specific weapons).

This weapon is a massive upgrade to the Doomwood Club. The overall design is much more refined, with the wood shaped into a block and possessing an actual handle, along with the grips being reinforced. The extensive use of fearsome metal spikes inserted throughout the club means more damage can be inflicted. It is one of the weapons that need two hands to be held, with quite a high slash speed considering this.

It has a chance to inflict the bleed status effect and has the potential to deal massive damage. When not in use, it hangs on your back, similar to the Colossal Cutlass. Because of the tremendous damage this weapon can inflict, it is only available for players who are level 210+. Rotating your character with it equipped in your hotbar is quite sluggish due to the weight of the weapon.


  • The Spiked Doomwood Club can be used very effectively in a short-burst attack pattern, or for quick hit & run tactics when farming mobs. Using it in short bursts should easily kill most NPCs, but clashing will occur and lots of stamina will be wasted.
  • For quick attacks, walk towards the opponent, slash once and walk away, slashing again every once in a while. This is to minimize stamina loss and to increase the chance of hitting opponents without clashing.


[ Q ] -The user slams the ground with the club, creating a shockwave with a huge radius. Any player in that radius will be damaged and possibly given heavy bleeding. Damage is based on player's strength. Requires 300+ strength levels to use. The Q will do exactly 800 damage if fully charged at 500 strength level.



  • This is also the weapon that gives the 2nd most strength exp in a swing.
  • Also, if you do happen to use the [ Q ] move, it oddly doesn't hurt anyone on the ground level. However, it can damage those above and below you by the spherical radius of the attack.
  • Adds 2150 powerlevel when equipped