A device that takes in cloud and then ejects it at high speeds, allowing the user to run on air. Stand on the shore of a sky island while they're selected to charge them.

Item Description

The Sky Skates allows the user to achieve pseudo-flight and are sold by certain NPC's on various sky islands;

  • Alexander at one of the outer islands of Cerulea.

Refuelling requires the player to select the Sky Skates and stand on Skyshore found bordering the edges of sky islands or the Skyshore collected by Jonathan at Whiteridge.

As of v3.6, Sky Skates are stored in the player's inventory and takes up a weapon slot when equipped, allowing it to be kept on death or upon rejoining.


  • The mesh used to make the Sky Skates are two Telewarps, a gear from ROBLOX's Catalog that allows the user to set a "checkpoint" and teleport to it at any time.
  • Before v3.6, the description for the Sky Skates was "Sky shells that stick to the bottom of your feet, allowing you to essentially run on air."
  • Before v3.6, Sky Skates would be lost on death/rejoin as it was considered a tool.
  • Fuel is lost when respawning or unequipping the skates through the inventory.

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