A short, fast sword used by bounty hunters.

Item Description

The Shortsword is one of the first physical weapons the player can buy, others being the KatanaCutlassSpear, all of which can be bought at the Sailing Bazaar in the First Sea.

Besides the ability to swing very fast, it is not an exceptional weapon in any way as far as combat goes. 


Left Click: Basic swing combo.

Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level and drains ~50 stamina every swing with a chance to inflict the status effectBleeding.

Like most weapons that can be swung, health may be substituted for stamina if depleted.


  • Among the Katana, Shortsword and Cutlass, the Shortsword is the cheapest  out of the three.
  • This is the curently the fastest sword in-game albeit the weakest.
  • This sword is used by Desert Bandits at Savaria.