Sharks are the most dominant (and currently only) sea animals in Arcane Adventure, often appearing in order to attack players who dare venture into the ocean. Sharks vary in size, speed, and strength. All of them give Lamina and Experience upon being slain, with the tougher variants naturally giving more.

Every shark inflicts the Bleeding status to those unfortunate enough to be bitten by them, as well as additional effects from certain shark species.



Grey Shark

Grey Shark

  • Grey Sharks are one of the most common sharks in Arcane Adventures, moving at a fast speed and easily killing new players. When encountered, they dart toward the player and spin in fast circles around them.
  • Their bites deal around 150-200 damage. To avoid fighting these sharks, swim directly up to the water surface, as it causes the shark to lose interest in you. It is a more reliable way to escape from them than simply running away, as they move faster than sprint swimming.

Black Shark

  • Black Sharks are considered one step higher than the Grey Sharks, moving at a similar speed but possessing a stronger bite. They are a dusty black colour and slightly larger(?) in size.
  • Their behaviour is identical to the Grey Sharks, so the same evasion tactic can be used.

Great White Shark

  • Great White Sharks are rarer in the First Sea, being more common in higher seas. These sharks are stronger than both the Grey Sharks and Black Sharks, appearing as an enlarged version of the Grey Shark. However, the Great White Shark is much slower when approaching players and does not spin in a circle pattern.
  • Their bites deal around 300 damage. To avoid fighting these sharks, sprint swim away from them while swimming up to emerge from underwater as they move extremely slowly.

White Eyes

  • White Eyes, though many fear it for its size, is essentially a Great White Shark that hits harder and can take a bigger beating. Their size towers over most other sharks, with a red and grey color scheme along with glowing white eyes.
  • Its bites deal 500 damage. The same evasion tactics from the Great White Shark may be applied here, though White Eyes' greater mesh size may make it hard to determine its actual hitbox.
  • White Eyes is able to cause collateral damage to Sailboats and Gunboats when it comes in contact with them.
  • White Eyes drops 100,000 Lamina when defeated.

Poison Jaws

  • Poison Jaws are somewhat rare compared to the other sharks, swimming faster than the Grey Sharks and inflict the Poison status when biting.
  • Their behavior is the same as Grey Sharks, thus making the previously mentioned evasion tactic still viable.
  • Upon killing them a Poison Jaw drops exactly 50,000 lamina.

    Poison Shark

Blue-Marked Shark

  • Blue-Marked Sharks are small in size and deal little damage compared to other sharks, though it is compensated by its immense speed. Follows the same behavior as Grey Sharks.
  • Their bites deal 50 damage. Same evasion tactics from Grey Sharks apply.
  • Upon killing them, a Blue-Marked Shark drops exactly 50,000 lamina.

Alpha White Eyes

Alpha White Eyes

  • Alpha White Eyes is currently the largest shark encountered in Arcane Adventures. It behaves similarly to Great White Sharks and has similar physical features as White Eyes, but is even more colossal in size and has darker shades of red and grey along with brighter illuminating eyes, being much more detailed.
  • Its bites deal enough damage to kill most players in one or two chomps. Same evasion tactics from Great White Sharks can be applied.
  • Alpha White Eyes is able to cause collateral damage to player-owned ships when it comes in contact with them.
  • Although it is the prime sea monster of the third sea, regular White Eyes can still spawn here. However, the spawn rate of Alpha White Eyes overwhelms the White Eyes' spawn rate in third sea, so it is much rarer.


  • One of the projectiles Kraken, Ravager of Seas can shoot is a shadow shark, but it does not behave like the natural spawning sharks from the ocean, instead travelling in a straight path from the direction it is shot from.
  • According to a book by Randal, the shark White Eyes sunk Holden's sailboat, leaving Holden to be presumed dead. Since Holden's body was never found, Randal had speculated that he is possibly alive.
  • Sharks are able to 'sit' in player's boats and glide off into the far distance with them, leaving the player stranded in the water. Although they can run off with it, there's a maximum amount of distance they will have from the player before they despawn, so eventually the shark will disappear and the boat will stop.
  • Though Alpha White Eyes is mistakenly thought to be invulnerable to damage, in reality it simply has immensely high health, as VetexR has said they max out your Lamina when defeated.
  • Blue-Marked Sharks are usually mistaken for Poison Jaws and vice-versa. The differences are that Poison Jaws are larger and inflict Poison, while Blue-Marked Sharks travel much faster.