Allows the user to control and manipulate the shadows.

–When shadow is described by the magic chooser screen.

Shadow's attacks all inflict the Wither status and has no weaknesses, but on the other hand, also has no apparent strengths compared to other magics besides the Wither status effect. 


Attack Names Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
Shadow Bullet The user shoots a shadow in a spherical form that can be aimed before casting. Has an average area of effect on collision.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[Q] Magic Level 1+
Dark Impact The user locks the grabbed target with some distance in front of them. A short amount of time later, the caster blasts a piercing beam made from Shadow magic, exploding and dissipating after shot.

The target is launched forward slightly and K.O.ed when hitting a surface after the attack.

Damage is based off of Strength Level.

[E] Strength Level 8+
Dark Explosion The user summons an expanding area of shadow underneath themselves that then emits a pillar from the center and dark swirls outside the shadow, hurting nearby targets.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[R] Magic Level 25+
Dark Binding The user locks the grabbed target with some distance in front of them in the air, than gravitating the target toward a Shadow magic circle and creating a lock of shadow that tightens around the target, than exploding..

The target is dropped straight down and K.O.ed after hitting a surface after the attack.

Damage is based on Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[F] Strength Level 50+
Dark Barrier The user summons a cylindric-wall of shadow that can be held and directed after casting.

Does not have any strengths or weaknesses.

[Z] Magic Level 54+
Dark Devastation User leaps into the air, gathering dark energy into a large orb-shaped projectile. Dark Devastation is a nuke-based attack, where the user launches a projectile that deals damage on collision and leaves a damage over time in the area it covers. that deals damage over time after collision. The difference is that Dark Devastation inflict the Wither Status collision.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[X] Level 100+


Tiers are solely based of the player's stat level and if Shadow is the player's Second Mind Magic, all tier levels will be bumped up by 99 Magic/Strength/Generic Levels.

The only exception is if Shadow is also the player's First Magic, in which case the Second Magic Shadow will have every move unlocked instantly and identical tier levels as the first.

  • Shadow Bullet
  • Dark Impact
  • Dark Explosion
  • Dark Binding
  • Dark Barrier
  • Dark Devastation
[Q] Shadow Bullet Tier Levels
Tier 1: 1-60 Magic Level
Tier 2: 61-120 Magic Level
Tier 3: 121-240 Magic Level
Tier 4: 241-360 Magic Level
Tier 5: 361+ Magic Power
[E] Dark Impact Tier Levels
Tier 1: 8-68 Strength Level
Tier 2: 69-128 Strength Level
Tier 3: 129-248 Strength Level
Tier 4: 249-368 Strength Level
Tier 5: 369+ Strength Level
[R] Dark Explosion Tier Levels
Tier 1: 25-84 Magic Level
Tier 2: 85-144 Magic Level
Tier 3: 145-264 Magic Level
Tier 4: 265-384 Magic Level
Tier 5: 385+ Magic Level
[F] Dark Binding Tier Levels
Tier 1: 50-109 Strength Level
Tier 2: 110-169 Strength Level
Tier 3: 170-289 Strength Level
Tier 4: 290-409 Strength Level
Tier 5: 410+ Strength Level
[Z] Dark Barrier Tier Levels
Tier 1: 54-113 Magic Level
Tier 2: 114-173 Magic Level
Tier 3: 174-293 Magic Level
Tier 4: 294-413 Magic Level
Tier 5: 414+ Magic Level
[X] Dark Devastation Tier Levels
Tier 1: Level 100-160
Tier 2: Level 161-220
Tier 3: Level 221-340
Tier 4: Level 341-460 (Not Yet Achievable)
Tier 5: Level 461+ (Not Yet Achievable)


  • Shadow is the sixth magic to be added to Arcane Adventures.
  • Kraken also possesses Shadow Magic, though uses a different move set that is not available to players.
  • Marua's staff is imbued with Shadow magic, albeit he does not possess it himself.
  • Shadow Bullet's Tier 5's smaller circle is smaller than other Tier 5 magic Qs. Speculated that this happens due to its shorter cast time.

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