Arcane Adventures is a large game, and to make a game run smooth, it is divided into many worlds or "Seas". The player's story line begins from the First Sea and from there, he/she can go to different Seas.

As of now, 3 Seas have been made. Facts have been provided on seas ahead of these three.

  1. First Sea - For levels 1-99
  2. Second Sea - For levels 100-179
  3. Third Sea - For levels 180-? - Rather than the Kraken , Cthulhu roams this sea. The AG is not present here and this sea is Cursebeard's main territory. Trigno was born here.
  4. Fourth Sea - Not yet added - The Mainland covers most of this Sea.
  5. Fifth Sea - Not yet added - The AG headquarters lies here.
  6. Sixth Sea - Not yet added
  7. Seventh Sea - Not yet added - Cursebeard is here, trying to search for the Dark Wizard.
  8. Northwestern Open Sea for levels 1-250 - An Arena that can only be accessed by following Proctors or joining a player that is currently in the Northwestern Sea. Offical game tournaments hosted by vetex or game admins are organised here.

Each of these Seas have a specific set of spawn points, NPCs and Wilderness Islands around which the player's storyline revolves. It is also possible for player to go to another Sea without meeting the level requirements using the teleporters on the border of each sea, but it is not recommended as they players of a lower level will not be able to face the challenges the next sea provides. All seas are to have 2 Fighting Styles apart from the Third Sea which is yet to have any fighting styles but will be added in the near future.

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