A golden shield engraved with a large blue gem, forged by a blacksmith on Savaria. This shield was used by the village warriors for defending themselves. Hold G to use.

Item Description

The Savarian Shield is a shield weapon that blocks physical attacks when in use and is one of currently three island-specific items that can be bought at Savaria, the others being the Savarian Dagger and Pocket Sand.

If broken, the shield may be repaired by re-equipping the shield from the inventory. Do not rebuy the shield when it's broken.


Passive: Can be used without selecting the shield in the hotbar.

[G]: Blocks physical attacks such as swords and bullets, but cannot block area of effect attacks and magic. Can occasionally break when defending against an attack. 

Blocking anchors the player in place, allowing players to stall in midair for 5 seconds.


  • This shield is supposedly made of gold, which is a metal that is easily malleable.
    • Despite gold being easily malleable, this shield is just as effective as the Iron Shield, which is made of iron, a less malleable material than gold.
    • As gold is found pure in the environment, this could mean that Savaria has advanced metallurgy techniques, or may be using other materials.
    • It is highly likely that it is simply gold-colored, and uses a material such as bronze or brass instead, as this would reflect the state of civilization on Savaria , considering its soldiers and architecture.
  • The Savaria shield uses the same mesh as the Black Magic Shield.