Savaria is the First Sea spawn island for players Level 30-59 or after completing the quest: "Conquering The Shadows". This desert-like island has occasional sandstorms and is home to a few outlying islands with a bandit camp set up on one of them.



Savaria is the third major island if you are following the story line, and next to it, Kairo, is the home of Ramses II, the second boss of the game. The area is also populated with Desert Bandits, located both on-island and at the nearby Bandit Hideout Island.
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Savaria's Treasure Chart.

Savaria has a wide selection of items for players new to the island, including: 

Associated Quests

Raid Kairo

  • Quest Giver: Villager (Reese)
  • Objective: Visit Kairo and defeat Ramses II.
  • Rewards: 5,000 lamina and 500 exp.

Bandit Leader

  • Quest Giver: Villager (Sean)
  • Objective: Visit a nearby Wilderness Island and defeat the Bandit Leader.
  • Rewards: 500 lamina and 75 exp.

Bandit Hunt

  • Quest Giver: Pirate on Rumbling Caldera.
  • Objective: Defeat 15 Desert Bandits.
  • Rewards: 600 lamina and 50 exp.


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