Rupin is an unrevealed character in Arcane Adventures, only foreshadowed by a book about his duty of protecting the Fire Sea Curse, his wanted poster, and the aftermath of his fight against Trigno, The Volcano at The Sea's Torment.


Rupin was chosen to be the guardian of the Fire Curse, growing tired of the constant amount of challengers who wish to claim the Fire Curse, Rupin finally decides its best to just absorb the Fire Curse himself. He soon grows mad with power and becomes a pirate, with his ever growing bounty he is feared throughout the seas bringing destruction everywhere he goes and is known as the most powerful Fire Curse user to ever live.


  • According to the development trello, Rupin and Trigno are equal in power.
  • In Online Fighting, the prequel to Arcane Adventures. Rupin made an appearance on a volcano-like island that held the Fire Curse in the center and was named Ruppin instead.
    • Despite what the The Story of Rupin book says about Rupin, he does not put up a fight against people obtaining the Fire Curse in Online Fighting.

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