Romulus is a Cannon Fist user and the vice captain of the Mantle Pirates.

His NPC counterpart is found at Savaria, aboard a damaged version of the Rumbling Caldera, stationed by the shore. Here, you are able to talk to Romulus and learn the fighting style Cannon Fist.

Romulus also has a backstory, The Plight of Romulus, found in a book in-game. 

Fightable NPC

Once boarding the randomly appearing Rumbling Caldera, players are able to fight Romulus.

Borealis Heavy Shot

This is the move where Romulus launches a large cannonball at you. The cannonball creates a giant splash in contact with water. It also makes a very loud noise that sounds like a mortar shooting Borealis 300 lb cannonballs. This attack allows him to quickly destroy any boats nearby. This attack only occurs when the player is in the Rumbling Caldera's vicinity, but not when the player has boarded the ship.

This move deals around 2,000 damage.


Romulus throws cannonballs at the player, dealing 156 damage. This only happens when the player is near Romulus.


  • Romulus is physically stronger than Theos at 1/10 of his power.