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Romulus is a Cannon Fist user and the vice-captain of the Mantle Pirates.

His fighting style is the Cannon Fist style, which gives the user the strength to throw cannonballs like that of a cannon, hence the name. He also uses this when you fight him as an NPC on the Rumbling Caldera.

His interactive counterpart is found at Savaria, aboard a damaged version of the Rumbling Caldera, stationed by the shore. Here, you are able to talk to Romulus and learn the fighting style Cannon Fist.

Romulus also has a backstory, The Plight of Romulus, found in a book in-game. 



Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional


Cannonball Romulus throws a cannonball at the player. He only performs this attacks when the Player is nearby. This is his primary move. 156 N/A
Borealis Heavy Shot Romulus launches a large cannonball the Player. The cannonball creates a giant splash when it makes contact with a body of water. It also makes a very loud noise that sounds unlike that of a mortar hurling Borealis 300 lb cannonballs. This attack only occurs when the player is in the Rumbling Caldera's vicinity, but not when the player has boarded the ship. 2000 N/A


  • Romulus has a power level of 50,285.
  • In the Roman mythology , Remus and Romulus were brothers and they both created Rome, however when the name of the state was about to be decided, Remus got Romulus mad and stabbed his brother in the chest.