Your reputation affects certain actions that can be done, and it affects how the Arcane Government treats you. Additionally, your nametag will be shown to others in the color of your reputation.

Levels of reputation include (from bad to good):

Tyrant - (-4000 Rep and lower)
Villain - (-700 to -3999)
Hostile - (-500 to -699) 
Unfriendly - (-160 to -499)

Neutral - (-159 to 159); your reputation when you begin your journey or turn yourself in.

Friendly - (160 to 499)
Protector - (500 to 699)
Hero - (700 to 3999)
Legend - (4000+ Rep and higher)

Good Reputation

Most people under level 40 naturally gain good reputation because they are protected by those above level 40 and are unable to attack other players.

You can mainly gain reputation by killing aggressive NPCs.

With good reputation you will:

  • Not get attacked by A.G. NPCs
  • Be able to join the A.G.
  • Be able to access the bank to store excess lamina
  • Be able to hunt bounties (Level 40+)

To prevent lowering your reputation as a level 40+, kill others in moderation, defeating other players does lower your reputation by a bit. In particular, attacking and killing A.G. members and NPCs drastically lowers your reputation; a few kills can instantly bring you down to tyrant. If you attack a shark and die at the same time, your reputation may drop to neutral. (This is a randomly occurring glitch.)

Bad Reputation

When the player defeats an excess amount of other players or A.G members, his or her reputation will decline to a point where it goes below neutral.

You mainly lose reputation by killing other players or A.G. members. If one's reputation is already below neutral, killing pirates lowers reputation even more. You can also lower your reputation if you conquer an island while you are below neutral.

With bad reputation, you will be:

  • Naturally attacked by the A.G.
  • Unable to join the A.G.
  • Unable to access the bank (You can still withdraw your money but you can't deposit any until your reputation goes above unfriendly)
  • Unable to hunt bounties
  • Able to gain a bounty by killing players.

You can raise your reputation by defeating bandits or other evil mobs besides pirates. However, if you have a bounty you cannot raise your reputation above Unfriendly. In order to reach a positive reputation, you must first either be bounty hunted or arrested by the A.G. until your bounty is gone. More preferably, you could turn yourself in; doing so will entirely remove your bounty and set your reputation to neutral.

Bounty System

Bounty board

A bounty board.

Bounties build when players kill other players and/or A.G. members. As a player loses reputation, they gain bounty as a result. Their names will appear on the numerous bounty boards in their server, and can be hunted by other players. While having a bounty, AG Ships will begin to spawn around your location. The more bounty gained, the more ships will spawn. Being killed by a bounty hunter or an AG member will remove 20% of your bounty and send you to jail. Your bounty increases as you kill players, A.G members, and pirates.


An unfriendly player with a bounty.

If you have a good reputation and decide to bounty hunt, if you kill your target, you will receive 100% of their bounty in the form of lamina and the target is sent to jail. However, if you die without successfully hunting someone, you will stop bounty hunting and will need to go back to a bounty board to hunt. If you are in the A.G, you cannot bounty hunt, but killing any player with a bad reputation will still send the player to jail, and the A.G will give you a small reward in the form of lamina. 

In Outcast Tower, players can find a variety of wanted posters in the Captain's room. A full list of wanted NPCs can be found here.

Clearing Bounty

As of v3.0, players can talk to the A.G. Recruiter found in any A.G. bases to turn themselves in; this jails the player for up to 5 minutes when released, and the player comes out with no bounty and a neutral reputation.

To get the option to turn yourself in, reply "No" to the first dialogue box of the recruiter, and they will ask if you would like to turn yourself in. Replying "Yes" to that will pop up the message below.

Turning yourself in
This will set your reputation to 0, and remove all of your bounty.

Reputation Points

As of V3.3, players now have exact reputation points, starting from 50 and capping at 4000/-4000 reputation. Farming mobs can raise your reputation, but it is a very slow process. An optimal strategy is to repeatedly kill certain bosses, such as Kraken, Captain Sage, or Ramses II which can be hard but gains quick reputation.

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