One of the four fightable Guard Captains in Alalea, has a small chance of summoning when a player breaks an Alalea building.


He has the same AI as most melee NPCs. Reginald runs up to the player, while swiping his two Colossal Cutlasses


  • Unless the player is high leveled and confident, one should stay on some sort of high ground and use ranged attacks onto Reginald, as he does not despawn as quickly as the Alalea Guards, and uses melee weapons; this means he is very vulnerable and weak to ranged attacks.
    • Reginald's DPS is extremely high, meaning close range is not effective and will often result in the player dying.
  • Using single-target spells (if you have one of them) is recommended, as Divine Shower and Firestorm deal immense amounts of damage to Reginald.
  • Try to get Reginald by himself, as it can be extremely difficult to fight him and the two to five Alalea Guards that should spawn with him - another player could attempt to distract the Alalea Guards, letting them farm Colossal Cutlasses, while you would farm exp and lamina.



  • Awards ~(?) lamina upon defeat
  • Awards ~(?) exp upon defeat


  • He has a NPC version of him, who talks about Alalea's rich supplies and his poor island from the 5th sea.
  • There are five guard captains in total: Reginald, Jace, Drake, Arus (Unfightable), and Arsen
  • Although he wields two of them, he cannot drop a Colossal Cutlass.
  • Reginald's power level is 38,000.