The former second ruler of Savaria, now his corpse reanimated by the Dark Wizard, now stands on top of Kairo, the tower where Ramses II and Savarian warriors where they were laid to rest.

Ramses II is a level 120 Unbound Sand Curse user, whose reanimated corpse appears to be able to execute Sand Curse abilities, however Ramses II is missing the typical Sea Curse physical immunity as he is not a true Sea Curse user.

For information on Ramses II's item drops, go to Ramses II's War Armor.


Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional


Sand Quake Ramses II raises a fist and striking it against the ground, creating ripples of sand that radiate out from Ramses II's fist. 240 Slightly launches players that are hit. Cloak is lowered throughout the attack.
Sand Cleansing Ramses II heals through what appears to be tiny sand particles that cover his body. 0 Ramses II heals by 120 health. Cloak is lowered throughout the move.
Sands Wrath Ramses II enlarges his sand tornado cloak to a massive scale to be used as an attack. Range covers the entire top and third floor of Kairo. 240 Launches players extremely high. Cloak is lowered throughout the attack.
Iron Sand Wall When not attacking, Ramses II has a cloak in the shape of a sand tornado and falters when Ramses II prepares an attack. Blocks weak projectiles and pushes back players. 120 Slightly launches players that make contact.



  • The Sand Quake could be avoided by super-jumping and performing an attack that stalls the play in the air.
    • This attack could be predicted by his raised arm.
  • Cannon Fist is an easy method to kill Ramses II, just as any boss.
  • When his Sands Wrath is used, it has a hit-box wide enough to cover the whole 3rd and top floor.
    • This attack could be predicted by his right arm swinging to the side.
    • This can be dodged by simply standing in one of the two corners furthest from Ramses. Furthermore, since this attack leaves him open, you can spam Bazooka and deal 500-600 damage, depending on how long the tornado lasts.
  • The Flintlock, is a strong weapon against Ramses II as it deals heavy damage to him and can be bought at Savaria from the gun smuggler.
    • Ramses II's cloak can reflect the bullet though, thus waiting for it to drop is recommended.
  • Using Radius Fist on the 3rd floor is one of the few method of defeating Ramses II.
  • If your magic is strong enough, you can break the Iron Sand wall within 1 or 2 hits or if you have fire, shadow, or any magic or a weapon that does bleeding damage if you launch it, the iron sand wall can break but if not, the burn, wither, lightning damage or whatever element leaves off damage even when the defensive move is active.


  • As described in the book Ramses II, a Short History, Ramses II was the second ruler of Savaria, who possessed a large army and the Sand Sea Curse. Durza, The Dark Wizard later came decimated Ramses II and his army who also reanimated their corpse using Dead Revival Magic after they were buried at Kairo.
  • Ramses II's power level is 12,335.
  • Ramses II is very well an existing Egyptian in history, searching up Ramses II proves so.