Rams can be bought from any shipwright shops and are automatically attached to the player's ship if compatible upon purchase. The only ships that can be equipped with a ram are Caravels and Frigates. The ram is attached to the front of the player's ship and deals damage by making contact with another ship/boat's hull. Both the attacker and receiver takes damage on their ship/boat.

A naval ram made out of stone

–In-shop description

Purchasable by anyone level 50+. A cheaper, but less powerful version of the steel ram.

A naval ram made out of steel

–In-shop description

Purchasable by anyone level 60+. A more expensive, but more powerful version of the stone ram.

A naval ram that conducts magic energy

–In-shop description

Purchasable by anyone level 60+. The colour of the ram will match the magic of the owner of the boat.


  • The ram does not require the owner to be driving to deal damage.
  • If another person drives into the ram, it will deal damage.
  • When a ship sinks, the ram will be the first to collide with the seafloor (assuming the ship sank forward instead of backwards) making standing on top of large sunken ships possible without drowning. This is possible because the end of the ship will stick out of the water which can be helpful for fighting Kraken.
  • The magic ram will have the color of the users' first magic but when viewed from the shop is shown as a light brown.