Radius is a fighting style in which the user focuses their willpower and strength into their punches and kicks, dealing damage in an AOE around the user. In order to get it, you have to go to the Ice Maze Wilderness Island and talk to Freedrock, the Wise Warrior.

Its moves are nearly identical to melee, but each attack sends out an AOE damage, which hurts those in the AOE. This makes Radius Fist good for defeating large crowds of mobs or multiple players coming after you.

NOTE: As of 5/26/2017, Radius Fist is banned from the official Arcane Adventures PvP tournaments. Click here for more tournament guidelines.


Q - Radius punch , hits faster than radius , when there are more players/npcs in thr field , more damage will be dealt. pushes opponent in the opposite direction they are going.

E - Radius kick , slower reacharge than radius punch, when there are more players/npcs in the field , more damage will be dealt. Opponent will be pushed in opposite direction they are moving in

R - Radius Stomp, which releases a larger radius with bigger damage. Upon hitting the opponent a certain distance away from you, it damages them multiple times giving varying number of hits according to strength level and distance. . Unlocked at Strength Level 160.

  • When equipping Radius
  • Radius Punch
  • Radius Kick
  • Radius Stomp

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