Quests are objectives given by the game that you can do for Lamina, Experience Points and sometimes additional rewards. These quests are given by their corresponding NPCs, scattered all across the Arcane Adventures world.

Apart from the main questline, you are sent into from the start of the game, there are countless other side quests that you are able to obtain as you explore the world. You will have to explore all the islands to be able to obtain all the available quests, as some quests are given by NPCs not on the islands containing the main questline. These side quests may have more valuable rewards than the main quests themselves, so do not hesitate to start one of these.

Newground Island

The Journey Begins

Speak with Theos the War Phoenix at the start of a new game.

Rewards: 50 Lamina, 10 Experience Points

The Test

Theos will ask you to kill 5 Crazy Wizards.

Rewards: 500 Lamina, 200 Experience Points, a Magic Dagger and a Rowboat.

Doom Island

Village Protector

"Defeat Marua the Shadow on Doom Island."

Roran, the Village Protector, will ask you to defeat the villager's chief Marua.

Rewards: 2000 Lamina, 300 Experience Points.

Tropical Cravings

"Find 5 coconuts and return them to the villager in Darksong [Doom Island]."

A villager near Roran will ask you to collect 5 coconuts.

Rewards: 500 Lamina, 100 Experience Points

Missing Necklace

"Find the lost diamond necklace somewhere in the Arcane World."

A female NPC near Logan, the Tailor, will ask you to find a diamond necklace, found at Ice Crown Island.

Rewards: 20,000 Lamina, 1000 experience points


Raid Kairo

"Enter the ancient tomb on Kairo and defeat the evil presence there."

One of the villagers at Savaria will ask you to investigate Kairo, and ultimately defeat Ramses II.

Rewards: 5000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points

End the Bandits

"Defeat the Desert Bandit Leader on Savaria."

Another villager at will ask you to defeat the Bandit Leader at a nearby Wilderness Island.

Rewards: 500 Lamina, 75 Experience Points

Desert Bandit Payback

"Defeat 10 Desert Bandits."

A pirate on the Rumbling Caldera will ask you to defeat 10 Desert Bandits.

Rewards: 600 Lamina, 50 Experience Points

Cumulus Island

The Shipwreck in the Sky

An NPC at the edge of Cumulus Island will ask you to check Verdies' Crashed Ship on another sky island.

Rewards: 2000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points

Sky Battle

A Fire Wizard NPC at the edge of Cumulus Island will challenge you to a fight at a small island above Savaria.

Rewards: 3000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points

Sky Fruit Finder

An NPC in the shopping area of cumulus will ask you to bring him 10 sky apples.

Rewards: 4000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points

Ice Crown Island

Collector's Favor

"Find a Doom conch on Doom Island and return it to the villager on Ice Crown"

A purple-shirted villager will ask you to collect one Doom Conch.

Rewards: 6,000 Lamina, 300 Experience Points

Permafrost Island

Bandits of the Ice

"Defeat 20 Frozen Bandits north of Permafrost Island." A female villager with blonde hair will ask you to defeat 20 frozen bandits.

Rewards: 7000 Lamina, 1000 Experience Points

Verdies' Crashed Ship (Wilderness Island)

Raging Captain

A pirate will ask you to defeat his captain, Verdies on the Sky Island Arena.

Rewards: 40,000 Lamina, 5000 Experience Points

Canopy Island

End Trigno the Volcano

"Defeat Trigno the Volcano on the seas." The girl at Canopy island will ask you to defeat Trigno the Volcano.

Rewards: 50,000 Lamina, 5000 Experience Points

Borealis Shipwreck

Dragonfruit Hunt

The Bartender at the Borealis bar will ask you to collect 15 Dragonfruits.

Rewards: 7000 Lamina, 700 Experience Points

Lost Peg Leg

"Find Landon's lost peg leg on one of the shipwrecks south of the Borealis Shipwreck." Landon the pirate will ask you to find his missing peg leg at the bar.

Rewards: 10,000 Lamina, 1000 Experience Points

Bar Fight

"Defeat 5 wasted pirates in the Sea Shanty bar."

Averill will ask you to defeat 5 Wasted Pirates.

Rewards: 5000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points

Training (Part 1)

Theos will ask you to go to Oblitesco to kill 200 Gunslingers.

Rewards: 5000 Lamina, 2000 Experience Points


Training (Part 2)

Theos in the saloon will ask you to find 10 Sea Shards.

Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 3000 Experience Points

End Averill

The bartender in the saloon will ask you to defeat Averill.

Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 8,000 Experience Points

Ark Island

Training (Part 3)

"Defeat Theos the War Phoenix at wilderness island south of Ark Island"

Theos will tell you to meet him at (boss location), giving you compass directions. 

Rewards: 5000 Lamina and 4000 Experience Points, ability to unlock one's Second Mind at Judgement Isle

Dawn's Refuge

Avenge The Dawn

"Go to Altavista, south of Oblitesco and defeat Captain Sage of the Emerald Pirates"

Mayor Oswald will ask you to travel to Altavista and defeat Captain Sage.

Rewards: 75,000 Lamina and 12,000 Experience


Requesting Help

"Attempt to find and talk to Cursebeard in the castle keep of Alalea"

While sitting on a fountain, Theos will tell you to go and look for Cursebeard and ask for his help in your fight against Durza.

Rewards: 2000 Lamina and 1500 EXP

Oliver's Revenge

"Defeat the 3 guard captains in Alalea"

Lying against a tree near the Rich District, Oliver asks you to defeat the 3 guard captains of Alalea for the abused Old District residents.

Rewards:  ? Lamina and ? EXP


Conquer the Highland Bandits

"Find the bandit's camp on top of the Whiteridge Highlands and defeat them, then return to Mayor Evan."

Mayor Evan in Whiteridge will ask you to reach the bandit camp in the Whiteridge Highlands, which can only be reached through a maze in one of the pillars connecting to the center pillar in which the bandit camp is on. They must then kill 20 Highland Bandits then return to Evan.

Rewards: 100,000 lamina and 30,000 Experience


Harrison's Challenge

"Defeat Harrison at Cerulea, and prove your worth as a sea-born wizard."

Harrison, atop a cloud that is dropping water off of it, will challenge you to a duel, and can be fought at the cloud island behind him. He is a shadow and light user.

Rewards: 50000 Lamina and 25000 Experience