Polemos is one of many Fighting Style mentors throughout Arcane Adventures. The Fighting Style Polemos teaches is Boxing. Polemos trained for 30 years in the art of boxing to get where he is now.

He is famous for defeating the dangerous wizard, Cthulhu, Destroyer Of Worlds, in just one punch without a scratch, sending him flying. He is rumored to be immune to Magic, which he is not. In reality, he is just capable of punching through Magic Energy.


  • As his boxing gloves are shown to be black, it is possible that Polemos is a Shadow Magic (or a mutation stemming from Shadow Magic) user, assuming his gloves were chosen the same way the player's are.
    • It is also possible that Polemos doesn't have magic at all, since black not considered a colour because it is made up of the lack of any colour. In the case with magic, this could entail that his black boxing gloves signify a lack of any magic.

      The island where Polemos is located

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