Permafrost Island

Permafrost Island is a large barren cold desert with clumps of trees and ice floes scattered around the island, icy hills with a few treasure chests can also be found. It is part of both the First and Second Seas. Players at or above level 100 will spawn near here when crossing the First Sea, until they reach level 180 or above, when they will spawn at Outcast Tower. An unnamed captureable village can be found near the center of the island, where few inhabitants can be seen residing there, 2 small campfires surrounded by a ring of igloos including a Bounty Board and a flag pole are also present. It is surrounded by a natural barrier of rocky stone walls topped with ice, two entrances can be found at the front and the back of the settlement.

Associated Quests

End Frozen Bandits

  • Quest Giver: Blonde Female Villager
  • Objective: Defeat 20 frozen bandits in the Permafrost Wilderness
  • Rewards: 7000 lamina, 1000 Experience Points


  • Permafrost Island was originally named "The Crystal Archipelego", that is until it was devestated by Durza and Theos' combined attack which muddled up the island's climate, turning it into a cold icy wasteland.

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