Oblitesco is a wild west themed island, located in the Second Sea and is known for it's frequent standoffs and is the largest island in the Second Sea.



It is the largest island in the second sea, but unfortunately, the residents, gunslingers, don't take kindly to Magic users. They shoot players on sight or chase them out of town. There are no known magic-using residents in Oblitesco, although Theos has been known to be a customer at the local saloon.


Gunslingers reside near camps and inside the town area. They are armed with flintlocks, and have deadly accuracy. Ranged attacks are recommended when fighting gunslingers as you will usually get hit multiple times before reaching one, as well as possibly drawing the attention of nearby gunslingers as they spawn close to each other. The ones in the camps at the outskirts of town spawn in groups of 3 and are thereby easy to pick off. They have created their own protection force that most of the A.G doesn't mess with.



Due southeast of Borealis Shipwreck, travel until you are at the Crystal Archipelago. Oblitesco will be to the South of the Foggy Spires. If you are traveling from Dawn's Refuge, head to the Crystal Archipelago and go south.

You can also go south to Freedom Lookout, then travel to Oblitesco.

The map includes a giant cube-shaped mountain on each side, scattered cactus trees, three camps on the corners, and a western town strip along the very middle. The Saloon is the only house that can be entered.

Associated Quests

Training Pt. 1

  • Objective: Defeat 200 Gunslingers that populate Oblitesco.
  • Reward: 5,000 Lamina, 2,000 EXP.

Training Pt. 2

  • Quest Giver: Theos, The War Phoenix at the Saloon in Oblitesco
  • Objective: Find 10 Sea Shards found on NPC shipwrecks scattered throughout First and Second Sea
  • Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 3,000 EXP.

End Averill

  • Quest Giver: Bartender found at the Saloon
  • Objective: Defeat Captain Averill travelling on the seas.
  • Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 8,000 EXP.

Treasure Chest Locations


Four treasure chests regularly spawn on the island. Two are on each side of the western strip behind the leftmost and rightmost houses while the third spawns inside the Saloon itself. The fourth is just behind the left row of houses.

Additional chests can found along the sides of the four cube mountains. These chests do not have specific locations and are not always there. They are usually half-sunk into the sand.


  • One fast way to kill them is to gather them all into one spot (usually by running through the town) then use AOE attacks. This is only recommended if you have above 1500 health, as if you have less, you may be killed very quickly.
  • One can also destroy a building and hide within when it respawns to harm them without fear of being damaged.


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