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Nicholas is a reoccurring character throughout Arcane Adventures that serves as a bank for players to store excess Lamina, the main purpose of him is to save the player's Lamina from being lost upon dying. He can be found on most spawn islands. Only players above or neutral reputation are able to deposit Lamina, on the other hand, players of any reputation can withdraw Lamina from their bank.

The amount of lamina which you can store is equal to your level * 1000. And as of Game version 4.0, a level 250 player can store 500,000 Lamina in bank by using 2x Bank Storage gamepass, for 500 robux.

Logically, he does not store Aurem, since it is not lost upon death.

Nicholas is mainly seen in First Sea, but in Second and Third, he only appears once.


First Sea

Second Sea 

Third Sea

  • Near a fountain in the Shopping District of Alalea


  • It is possible to get Nicholas's top hat by fishing, Chest farming or from daily spins.
  • Nicholas's bank locations is scarce in Second and Third sea, making him more difficult to come by for lamina deposits.