The ghost ship - Nebula

The "Nebula" is a famous ghost ship that you may find roaming the sea at night. This ship is First Sea exclusive, so you can't find it in any other seas..

Once you approach the glowing ship, it will start to move away from you. You might think it's running from you, but in actuality, it's leading you to where it sank.

When the ship stops, swim under the ship and you will find it's wreckage; treasure chests surrounding it. 

To prevent abuse, the chests and hat don't spawn unless the Nebula appears naturally in the server. The shipwreck is located west of Eve Island and north of Canopy island.


One can also find Captain Holden's Hat here, it may be found half buried in the sand in front of the wreck's broken mast. A sea shard can also be found on the wreck. 


Captain Holden, the lone member of the Nebula, actively opposed the Arcane Government, causing him to gain a bounty of 100,000,000 Lamina (hundred million). However, one day, him and his ship disappeared, supposedly consumed by the beast known as White Eyes.

The book "The Demise of Holden" is almost always found at the shipwreck.


  • Nebula was the first ship to be attacked and sunk by White Eyes.
  • The Nebula is the first ship wreck to ever have a book about it in game.
  • The Nebula is the only ghost ship to have an aura. 

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