In the A.G. bases in the First and Second Seas, there are non-intractable wanted posters that show various people whom the Government has placed a bounty on. There are 6 wanted posters in Outcast Tower and 7 wanted posters in Freedom Lookout of:

Trigno, The Volcano

  • With a bounty of 400 million Lamina.

Romulus, Vice Captain

  • With a bounty of 250 million Lamina.

Cortes, The Swaying Man

  • With a bounty of 120 million Lamina. 


  • With a bounty of 100 million Lamina.
  • Assumed to be dead, hence the red 'X' over his poster.

Captain Ahab

  • With a bounty of 55 million Lamina.

Averill, Pirate Captain

  • With a bounty of 50 million Lamina.


  • With bounty of 2.5 billion Lamina.


  • Holden's bounty poster is the only one with an 'X' over it.
  • Despite Trigno and Rupin being mentioned to be equal in power, Rupin has a drastically higher bounty. It could be inferred that Rupin is a lot more hostile to the A.G. than Trigno is.