Spoiler 'This section/article contains spoilers to the main storyline. Reader's discretion is advised.
Mutations Chart

This is an outdated chart, and most will never make an appearance in-game because of the game's discontinuation.

Mutations are variations of magics, of which they bring out a certain property of the starter magic they stem from, resulting in a stronger form of the magic. Information about mutations is quite scarce in-game; Plasma being the first mutation players may encounter and mentioned during Theos' story at Sunrise Ravine.

Contrary to what some may think, mutations are not a combination of the First and Second Mind, instead they are both completely independent when mutating.

Mutations will not be obtainable by players since the game has discontinued, but when it was planned. the First and Second Mind Magic were both going to be able to mutate, while the Third Mind Magic cannot mutate at all. If the player wishes so, they may choose to not mutate their magic to learn additional moves for their source magics.

Mutation Cameos

Verdies, Angry Pirate Captain - Plasma Magic

Theos, The War Phoenix - Sun Magic and Phoenix Magic

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