A flintlock rifle that can hit targets at long distances.

Item Description

When collecting chests or going fishing, one may stumble across this piece of weaponry to aid them in their adventures.

The musket does not consume any type of ammunition and can be fired indefinitely. It deals slightly higher damage than the Deluxe Flintlock, possesses a higher range, and has the same accuracy as the Deluxe Flintlock. However, it doesn't have any other ability, unlike the Deluxe Flintlock's [Q] doing 1000 damage and heavy bleeding, and its reload time is 12 seconds. Bullet damage is: 600 for a body hit, 400 for a limb hit, and 800 for a headshot.  

Unlike other guns which are kept at the player's waist, the musket is slung across the player's back. This is only visual, however.  

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