Moon Cove Isle is a minor wilderness island located near Ark Island, to the West of the Foggy Spires. It has no NPC's and serves mainly as a chest farm for players in the Second Sea.


Moon Cove Isle is a small, rocky oval-shaped island, covered in trees. Inside there is a large lake containing stones which the player can use to traverse the lake, and reach different parts. Blue particles emit from the water. You will regularly find green apples dropped from the trees.

In total, the island contains 8 chests, all of which can be found within the cave. 2 of them are found on rocks while 6 are found within the lake. There are 2 skeletons near some of the chests, one of them being a trapped and drowned pirate captain.


  • This is one of the two fan made islands in the Second sea, the other island is Ark Island
  • Moon cove Isle gives 1 Clan Infamy per 5 minutes.