Mob Drops are pieces of equipment that can be obtained from mobs upon defeating them.


First Sea

Marua, the Shadow (Doom Chief Set) - lvl. 30+

  • Doom Chief Helm 
  • Marua's Dark Cloak
  • Financial Rewards: 400 Lamina & 30 EXP

Ramses II, the Fallen King (Ramses II's War Set) - \lvl. 60+

  • Ramses II War Helmet
  • Ramses II War Armor
  • Ramses II War Leggings
  • Financial Rewards: 250 EXP

Undead General (Ancient Empyrean Set) - lvl. 55+

  • Ancient Empyrean Helm
  • Ancient Empyrean Armor
  • Ancient Empyrean Leggings

Verdies, Angry Pirate Captain (Verdies' Necklace) - lvl. 60+

Frozen Bandits (Frozen Bandit's Jacket) - lvl 100+

Kraken, Ravager of the Seas (The Kraken's Band) - lvl. 200+

Second Sea

Frozen Bandits (Frozen Bandit's Jacket) - lvl. 100+

Captain Sage (Emerald Captain Set) - lvl. 200+

  • Emerald Captain's Cloak
  • Emeral Captain's Legs

Kraken, Ravager of the Seas (The Kraken's Band) - lvl. 200+

Third Sea

Alalea Guard (Colossal Cutlass) - lvl. 200

Highland Bandit (Highland Bandit Armor) - lvl. 250

  • Highland Bandit's Cloak
  • Highland Bandit's Boots

(Work In Progress)

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