Menu Options



Type in the name of any in game player here to join their game.


A list of commands, type the command in to do the gesture assigned to it. 


Hide or show your character's hair - useful when your hair interferes with a hat/head accessory you wish to show. 


Allows you to enable or disable screenshaking when a fairly large attack hits you or near you. This option often lags you, but can be an interesting touch to casual play.


This option will turn on or off the little notifications that pop up in the lower right hand of your screen every two minutes, giving you basic information about the game's mechanics. 


Game Quality

Game quality is a setting in the menu of Arcane Adventures that a player can toggle from low to high, these are saved for future rejoins and are great for reducing lag. 

High quality spawns collectibles, clouds, and renders environment in high definition, but can be laggy, whereas low quality does not spawn collectibles and clouds, therefore prevents you from completing some quests/objectives, for example, finding a Doom Conch or Sky Apples, but compensates with a big lag reduction.