A trident that conducts magical energy.

Item Description

The Magic Trident is a magic weapon that changes its appearance to match the magic of the user's First Mind magic. 

This weapon has the ability to act as both melee weapon and projectile to fit the situation, like many of the other hybrid magic weapons. Although similar to the other hybrid magic weapons, the Magic Trident's swing hotbox does not extend to the shaft of the trident, has an average-sized area of effect on collision, very fast travel and a good range when thrown.


[Left Click]: Basic swing combo that is imbued by the player's magic and emits particles that match the user's First Mind magic, though only the tip of the trident can damage mobs/players.

Damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Damage and drains {#] stamina and 125 magic energy every swing.  

Like most magic weapons that can be swung, magic energy is not necessary for functioning, but will half the damage which is dealt and health may be substituted for stamina if depleted.

[Q]: The trident is thrown at a targeted location with a travel speed that rival Gale Force and an average-sized area of effect compared to other magic Q attacks. 

Damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Power and drains 125 magic energy.

This attack requires magic energy and cannot function without a sufficient amount.


  • Like all weapons that have the ability to be thrown, the Magic Trident can collide with magic projectiles, including Ultimates. Please note though that only Water, Lightning and Shadow Ultimates can be collided with effectively.
  • Its throwing range allows it to travel quickly, allowing for a good first hit on your enemy.


  • The Magic Trident is the replacement of the Ocean Trident.
  • Like all Magic Weapons, in the player's inventory, this weapon is shown as a white weapon and not the color of the player's first mind.
  • The Magic Trident will deal the same damage as the Magic Spear when thrown, but much more when swung.
  • The Magic Trident adds 1,250 power level.