A staff capable of releasing a large amount of magical energy at one time.

Item Description

The Magic Staff is a magic weapon that changes its appearance to match the magic of the user's First Mind magic. 

This weapon is a powerful close-ranged weapon, creating a large area of effect attack and has noticeable knockback, and a much quicker release of damage then one's R attack.  

The cons is that it uses a large amount of magic energy and has a sluggish cool down of seven(?) seconds. 


[Q]: {Weapon Cast: "Magic Name" Release} Emits an eruption of magic energy that has effects that match the user's First Mind Magic. The area of effect deals slightly more damage than the user's magic R. Requires 60+ Magic Level.

Damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Damage and drains 600 magic energy on usage.

This weapon requires magic energy and cannot function without a sufficient amount.


  • The Magic Staff is the replacement of the Staff of Shining StarsShadow Coil, and Staff of Tides.
  • This magic weapon in inventory is shown as a white weapon and not the color of the first mind.
  • The Magic Staff is one of the few buyable magic weapons at weapon shop in Cerulea.

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