An instrument that conducts magic energy through sound.

Item Description

The Magic Horn is a magic weapon that changes its appearance to match the magic of the user's First Mind magic. Currently, it does the most damage out of all the magic weapons.

This weapon is a powerful ranged weapon, as it has a little start up time when used, fast projectile speed and large area of effect on collision. The only con is that it uses a large amount of magic energy. 


[Q]: {Weapon Cast: Song of "Magic Name"} Shoots a delayed projectile that has effects that match the user's First Mind magic. The projectile emitted deals slightly higher damage than the user's magic Q. The player must have 60+ Magic Level to use.

Damage calculation factors in Magic Level and Magic Power and drains 100-500 magic energy on usage depending on the player's Magic Level.

This weapon requires magic energy and cannot function without a sufficient amount.


  • When first released on v2.9, the Magic Horn was purchasable from the Sailing Bazaar in the First Sea, in the form on the Electric Horn, which was later replaced by the Magic Horn.
  • Like all Magic Weapons, in the player's inventory, this weapon is shown as a white weapon and not the color of the player's first mind.
  • The Lightning and Light projectile from the horn are the only projectiles that do not leave a trail behind them when it is traveling from the horn.
  • If the user has Vector whilst using the Magic Horn, rather than creating a projectile it will generate a wave that blasts people very far back from the caster, deals very high damage.
  • As of the Grand Reopening update, Magic Horn's cast is delayed by a small amount to avoid being abused.
  • The Magic Horn adds 550 power level.