A hammer that conducts magic energy.

Item Description

When collecting chests or going fishing, one may stumble across this piece of weaponry to aid them in their adventures.

The Magic Hammer replaces the Earth Hammer as of v3.2. 

Note: Only your First Mind magic will be applied to this weapon, along with its appearance.


[Left Mouse Click] - Does a basic swing combo with added magic damage.

[Q] Throws the hammer at a targeted location, dealing AoE damage and creates 5 - 8 blocks of debris of the same material of the surface thrown at upon impact. Can "shatter" ice floes when throwing the hammer at them. Requires (120) magic level to cast, magic energy consumed varies depending on the level of your magic.


  • Like all weapons that have the ability to be thrown, the Magic Hammer can be thrown at magic projectiles, including Ultimates, causing the magic to disappear. Please note though that only Water, Lightning and Shadow Ultimates can be collided with.


  • The Magic Hammer is currently the fastest throwable weapon in the game.
  • This magic weapon in inventory is shown as a white weapon and not the color of the first mind.
  • If thrown at a shield such as the Light or Shadow magic barriers it will generate blocks of the shield's material, generating solid neon blocks of light or shadow magic.
  • It can also break icebergs that spawn in.

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