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A magic bow that conducts magic energy.

Item Description

The Magic Bow is a magic weapon that changes its appearance to match the magic of the user's First Mind magic. The bow and the arrows emit particles that match the users First Mind magic. 

This weapon has low damage per shot compared to most other magic weapons, though its quick cast time makes up for with along with its precise aim, the arrow's small area of effect on collision and long range makes it a formidable weapon from afar. 


Both abilities have a chance to cause the Bleeding status along with the status associated with the user's First Mind Magic.

[Left Click]: Shoots a magic-infused arrow at a targeted location. Clicking repeatedly will shoot arrows fast enough to stall in mid-air. This move has good AoE, so you don't have to hit your target head-on for the arrow to deal damage.

[Q]: Magic Arrow: Shoots a supercharged arrow from the bow takes magic energy depending on how much you charge from 250-325 it deals AoE damage and has a high chance to give the target a bleeding status effect

Damage calculation factors for this weapon are:  

  • Magic Level
  • Magic Damage  

If the user has sufficient magic energy, as well as Strength Level and drains [#] magic energy every shot.  This attack requires magic energy as well as stamina and cannot function without a sufficient amount. 

  • Fire Arrow and Weapon Cast
  • Lightning Arrow and Weapon Cast


  • The Magic Bow is the replacement of the, now removed- Fire Bow.
  • This weapon has the longest range out of all projectiles and can be used to hit mobs without triggering them to attack you.
  • The arrows can collide with most projectiles, including Ultimate Magic Attacks.
  • Lightning is the only magic which does not have trailing particles for its arrows. Instead, it uses flashing lightning particles.
  • Out of all the Magic Weapons, the Magic Bow consumes the least Magic Energy.
  • The Magic Bow adds 1,250 power level to the player.
  • Like all other bladed weapons, Magic bow enables fire magic users to cause bleeding and burning status effect at the same time